Property Management Services

 Residential / Commercial Building or Particular Apartment Management


For those who are tired of managing their properties by corrupted, uneducated, or unskilled caretaker/managers, we offer them services as follows:
  1. In case if you have a fully furnished apartment & you are outside of Bangladesh, we can rent it to foreigners both for the short or long term. If you want you can lock your valuable staff in one room & rest of the apartment we can rent it out. In that case, while you want to visit Bangladesh, we will not rent it out for the specific dates you mentioned.
  2. A to Z services to landlords, Residential or Commercial Building’s management. Through our connections with higher authorities, we will sort out all legal and police issues regarding your properties.
  3. To-let the tenants (after checking their background) in shortest periods of time through various forms of Ad at our own cost and by our sales staff.
  4. Collecting monthly rent from house/flat/office by account payee check in the name of the owner and service charges. We manage to pay utility bills (such as electricity/water/gas bills).
  5. We prepare an agreement on behalf of the landlord & assess/ investigate the tenant before signing the agreement by the owner himself.
  6. We have our own caretaker, security, cleaner & manage the whole building by our supervisor.
  7. We have our own electricians & plumber so that we can solve any problem instantly. We are also responsible for lift/generator maintenances.
  8. We also provide detailed a monthly report to the landlords at the end of every month.
  9. We try to Cross check the price & quality of goods if any maintenance or repair is required. For example, if any parts such as circuit breaker are needed we verify whether it is original from Germany or not so that the seller cannot fool the purchaser anyhow. We are responsible for monitoring regular Building/Apartment/Office repair and maintenance work.
Just talk to us face to face for a while & you will realize how relaxed you might feel if you give us an opportunity to serve you just for a month on a test basis regarding any of the above-mentioned services.

Services & Specialties (for furnished apartment)

  1. On request Maidservant/housekeeper services available who will sweep, mop, vacuum, cook & do any other household work if you pay daily $ 2 or $ 5 depending on workload.
  2. High-speed internet.
  3. Rooftop beautiful view & fresh air are available on some properties.
  4. Car rental services.
  5. Tourism Services.
  6. Laundry facilities.
  7. Fitness club membership.